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The Ardboyne is proud to present a variety of debs services and packages. We have the staff, resources and gorgeous hotel venue to make your debutante ball unforgettable and we’re all about combining luxury with fun. This is why we welcome you with a champagne reception, a velvety red carpet and a scrumptious menu to choose from. We also provide you with music, entertainment and a lavish after party.


Sophisticated Party

We know that the debs ball is a milestone, and that’s why we provide you with a planner to coordinate your evening the way you want. Our package is extremely extensive and provides you with:

Extravagant Fun

After your night of gowns, photos and food, our venue at Swan Lane has a live band or DJ so that you can dance the evening away. Security personnel ensure that everyone remains safe, and we also provide you with a sumptuous breakfast roll and refreshing orange juice before departure.

Ardboyne specialises in organising and executing these incredible events. We ensure that the final look and feel suits everyone involved – including parents, teachers and students. Our experience in planning weddings and throwing parties has given us the expertise needed to ensure that your evening goes without a hitch.

If you’re looking for an evening to remember, look no further. A combination of the posh hotel and the electrifying Swan Lane music venue will provide you with memories and photos that you’ll cherish for years.

If you want to find out more about bookings and package options at Ardboyne for your debutante ball, then contact us.