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Debsleinster organises packages to suit both student and teachers’ needs. One of the top hotels we use, Newgrange, is a large, luxurious and sophisticated deb venue.  We work to make your milestone occasion a truly memorable one. With music, entertainment and good food, you simply cannot go wrong.

An Unforgettable Evening

Our planner works with you to organise an event that’s truly unique, and ideal for your class. We ensure that each ball is customised, and that we take your concerns and queries into account. The package offers you:

Our banquet suites are large and air-conditioned, with an extended bar service. We also have two different Suits you can book, the Russell or Knowth Suite, depending on how large your class is.

The NightClub

Our Solar Nightclub features dazzling lighting, classy décor and a comfortable atmosphere. You can chat to us about your music preferences and we’ll make it a reality. Parents and teachers can also rest easy knowing that we provide security personnel to ensure that students are safe at all times.

The committee can choose from a myriad of additional options, including:

We’ll ensure that IDs will be checked. Any student found with illegal substances will be escorted off the premises to keep your graduation ball a fun and safe evening.

Browse our website for more information on how Debsleinster can organise an amazing debutante ball for you.