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Would you love to bring the sights and sounds of the Drogheda Samba Festival and Rio Carnival to your graduation ball? With Debsleinster, you can hire professional event drummers to add a little Latin flavour to traditional Irish culture. Besides being a blast to watch after the formal proceedings of your debutante dance, you may get the chance to bang out a few beats of your own.

A Brazil-Inspired Ball

Event samba drummers make such exciting entertainment that they can be used as the sole attraction at your after-party. On the other hand, they also provide a thrilling warm-up for the loud, pulsing tracks synonymous with our nightclubs. With the spacious lawns and courtyards available at our hotels, there’s plenty of space in which to let loose and shake a tail feather. The performers may even be able to entice your teachers to show off a few steps of their own.

The samba drummers we hire for debutante balls play a variety of Latin styles, such as:

For the full carnival experience, many Latin drummers for hire have a dance crew available. These have been known to captivate many different audiences with energetic performance and vibrant costumes. What’s more, the beats produced can be used to accompany the acts of other party extras, such as fire breathers, snake charmers and magicians.

Dazzling Drums for Debs

It can be challenging to craft a festival atmosphere that’s original, memorable and exciting for guys and girls. Debsleinster can make it much easier for your deb committee. Our team will work with external suppliers to tailor a performance to your event and budget, providing you the most affordable quote.

Contact us today for information on samba event drummers for hire and conclude your school years with an amazing audio and visual masterpiece.