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Fire Breathers

Would you love to heat up the entertainment levels of your graduation dance to scorching heights? With Debsleinster, your basic ball can be transformed into a mesmerising marvel with fire breathing artists. They provide a thrilling break from the formal events and can kick off your after-party in exciting style.

Ignite the Festive Atmosphere

We know how much fun it is to dress up in glamorous gowns and dashing dinner suits. There’s a real thrill in stepping out of the back of a car on your arrival and showing off your fancy footwear and hot new hairstyle. However, a posh plate of food and table near your teachers can’t compete with the mayhem waiting outside the hotel doors.

Watching fire breathers do their frightening tricks is ideal for easing your peers into the evening’s entertainment. Some of their daring endeavours include:

As a spectator’s sport, you can use it to fuel your classmates’ burning desires to begin their own show – like breaking out moves on the dance floor. The deb committee simply have to decide whether they want male or female fire eaters, and which group to hire based on their costumes and performance reputation.

Light Up the Night

Parents can rest assured that the fire breathers for hire are trained professionals who follow strict safety regulations. Although students will be allowed close enough to see every detail of the awe-inspiring action, a secure distance is maintained at all times.

When you’ve had your fill of flames, exchange their glow for pulsating nightclub lights and their heat for a packed party bus or dance floor. Whatever entertainment you select after the dance, Debsleinster’s efficient planners will ensure it’s ready to roll without much effort on your part.

Mark this major milestone with fire breathing entertainers worthy of the occasion.