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Magic shows performed by skilled artists have enthralled crowds for decades. They’ve become about so much more than smoke and mirrors. When you consider the mind-boggling acts of Dynamo and Britain’s Got Talent finalist David Penn, selecting this sort of entertainment for your grad ball could dazzle dozens.

For only a small additional fee, Debsleinster can provide your graduation event with magicians for hire. It’s a party favour very few balls can boast about and will definitely set you apart from the rest.

Live Close-Up Magic Tricks

Debutante ball magician shows aren’t reserved for the after-party. Each hotel banquet suite is furnished with a stage, and the appropriate sound equipment is easily arranged. Furthermore, with walkabout acts, your requested entertainer could interact with your peers throughout the evening. They could kick start the fun during the champagne reception, make you laugh between courses or simply keep the shy crowd company while others dance. You decide. We’ll help make it happen.

Awe-Inspiring Entertainment

These aren’t like the magic shows often arranged for children. Our team ensures you receive something even better. The most popular performances we can organise usually include a combination of gimmicks, such as:

It’s a gripping and dramatic start to events, and exactly the kind of unexpected surprise that a deb committee can use to their advantage. Best of all, it’s exceptionally safe, hilarious to watch and something guys and girls of various ages can appreciate. Whether you’re the coolest dude in school or the class bookworm, we dare you not to gasp and applaud the antics of these professionals.

Add a little extra flair and charm to your grad party by requesting a magician for hire from Debsleinster.