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When it comes to celebrating an important milestone such as your graduation, pictures are absolutely crucial. This is one of the most glamorous and fun evenings of your school career, so immortalise the ball with our all-inclusive package of photographers and videographers.

Memories for a Lifetime

This will be one those days that you’ll look back on and smile. From the gorgeous dresses and dapper tuxedos to beautifully arranged food and chocolate fountains, it’ll be a dazzling sight. That’s why we give you the option of capturing minute details that you would usually never remember. Our photographers and videographers allow you to enjoy you night without having to worry about taking your own pictures.

Depending on availability, we give you the option of choosing between photography by:

These photographers are experienced in capturing the glitz and glamour of a debs ball. From gorgeous shots as you enter the venue, to absolutely silly ones you’ll cherish with your friends, we’ll ensure that all of your precious moments are recorded.

Fantastic Photos

In addition, we also have professional videographers who’ll film the ball. This will be a treasured gem ten years down the line at your high school reunion. Our photographs and videos are also ideal for capturing the charm and beauty of our fire breathing show, the snake charmer and the hilariously giant board games.

While you enjoy the laughs of the moment with those closest to you, we’ll see to it that you can order beautiful pictures of you and your friends. The event photographers and videographers are part of the all-inclusive package, however a charge applies for pictures ordered on the night.

These videos and photos will be taken at both the hotel venue and the nightclub afterwards. Contact us today to find more about our debutante ball photographers.