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Security Personnel

Debsleinster ensures your safety above all else. We know that deb balls are a time of fun, music and dancing, but we do our best to make sure that the students are taken care of. Our event security team monitors the situation and intervenes in the event of a dangerous or compromising position.

Having a Safe Ball

The hotel has its own team of highly trained, experienced security personnel for our shows and events. They ensure the safety of students by:

Secure Fun

We know that safety is a primary concern for parents, teachers and the deb committee alike. That’s why Debsleinster makes sure you don’t need to find a separate event security company. Our team has worked with us for years and are reliable, giving us a reputation for hosting events that go smoothly.

Our surveillance equipment, premises inspections, and access points all ensure that your students’ security is prioritised. This way, you can have peace of mind while the graduation class enjoys their well-deserved party. Debsleinster also makes sure that there’s no dangerous activity on the property. If an individual is caught with any illegal substances, they will be escorted off the premises.

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