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Snake Charmers

If you want to add a unique and exciting element to the celebration of your graduation, consider hiring a snake handler. These individuals have dedicated their lives to caring for and helping their often misunderstood reptile friends. As many people are superficially frightened even by harmless serpents, this is a great chance to get an adrenaline rush and spread awareness at the same time.

For only a small extra charge, Debsleinster can source an entertaining snake handler for your graduation event. It’s an unusual and thrilling experience that will contribute to your fond memories of this night.

Close Encounters with Snakes

Debutante ball snake handler performances are a great way to add a touch of the exotic to the evening. Anyone who wants to will be able to interact with these fascinating reptiles under the supervision of an experienced expert. This will be a new experience for most people, making it an appropriate addition to a night that is all about coming of age.

Relatable Reptiles

If you’re worried about safety, there’s no need to be. Snake handler events are comprised of non-venomous snakes that are used to interacting with humans, minimising any risk.

Snake handler shows may feature impressive species such as:

These friendly cold blooded pets are actually quite beautiful, once you get used to them. This makes them an ideal accessory for taking some awesome photos with your friends. Best of all, you’ll be contributing to animal awareness and doing your bit for the environment. Both guys and girls of all ages can enjoy this unique experience, making it a great choice for an event like a graduation party.

Contact Debsleinster today to find out what a snake handler can add to your deb ball.