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Cusack Group

Solar Nite Club

Solar Nightclub Closed for refurbishment for 2016.

There are few venues in Ireland that can compare to the Solar Nightclub in Meath. It offers both size and sophistication, containing almost every convenience possible, and delivering a spectacular first impression. If you’re planning on holding a get-together here, as part of your Debs celebrations, expect an atmospheric setting with top class entertainment, service and music.

Solar Power

Furnished with state-of-the-art lighting and opulent interior décor, this nightclub is one of Navan’s premier party venues. With a large capacity, galleries from which you have a great view of the dance floor, and even a VIP champagne bar, we’re well equipped to make your deb ball a success.

Our venue features:SolarPhotoshoot-23

Solar Celebrations

After the formality and ceremony of your graduation banquet, you’ll need to lighten the mood and have some real fun. That’s where we come in, Solar Nightclub has extensive experience with graduation parties, so the team knows exactly what to expect from large crowds. You can let your hair down, safe in the knowledge that we have everything in hand, and enjoy the DJ until the early hours of the morning.

Contact us to find out about holding your graduation party at Solar Nightclub in Ireland.